Greater Soutpansberg Projects

Ownership 100% owned by MbeuYashu (Pty), a company jointly owned by MC Mining Limited (74%) and 26% owned by its BEE partner, Rothe Investments (Pty) Ltd
Location Limpopo province, South Africa, contiguous to the Makhado Project
Status Pre-project phase ̵ feasibility
Product Hard coking, semi-soft coking and thermal coal
Resource 1,660Mt mineable tonnes in situ
Regulatory status Application for new order mining right submitted
New order mining right Application submitted – General project in January 2014; Mopane in November 2014 and Chapudi in November 2014

Resource and Reserve statement

Abridged summary of JORC-compliant resource and reserve statement
31 May 2012
JORC-compliant resources
(measured, indicated and inferred)1,2
JORC-compliant reserves
(proven and probable)2
  Gross tonnes
in situ (Mt)
Gross tonnes
in situ (Mt)
Mineable tonnes
in situ (Mt)
Greater Soutpansberg Projects 7,161.0 5,751.5 1,660.0 -
  1. Resources are stated inclusive of reserves
  2. Independent Technical Statement for the Greater Soutpansberg Projects (30 September 2012). The resource, defined in accordance with the 2004 JORC Code, has not been updated since to comply with the 2012 JORC Code on the basis that the information has not materially changed since it was last reported

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