Corporate social responsibility

MCM remains committed to the empowerment of our people, and recognises that sustained socio-economic progress is achieved through investment in programmes that address education, employment and improved access to basic services.

Our goal, as a company, is to build social cohesion and social capital within our host communities, by creating opportunities that are mutually beneficial. In order to do this we must build sustainable collaborative relationships with stakeholders and understand and respond to the issues that matter to communities. Stakeholder engagement is, therefore, essential.

MCM’s stakeholder engagement strategy is to establish and maintain inclusive and mutually beneficial relationships through the creation of a shared value approach. MCM recognises that relationships with stakeholders are valuable assets which are critical to the success of the business and its operations. MCM engages with all stakeholders through a community-centred integrated approach and has devoted considerable time, financial and human resources to stakeholder engagement.

In July 2015, MCM launched the Community Centred Sustainable Value Model (SVM), which aims to create and enhance sustainable value for all stakeholders. The benefits of working together for a common goal can be far reaching, and will ensure that the benefits of mining can be derived through ownership and equity, job creation, skills development and capacity building, enterprise development and invest. The principle of shared value underpins our approach to Corporate Social Investment (CSI). We recognise our responsibility to maximise the benefits of mining for the communities within which we operate, through collaborative partnerships between government (regional and local), communities and MCM.

MCM’s social and labour plans (SLPs) are a key driver of socio-economic transformation.

The main areas of focus are:

  • education and skills development;
  • enterprise development; and
  • infrastructure development.

We recognise the need to understand our communities and the socio-economic challenges and needs which exist, in order to address them during construction and the mining operation. All programmes are developed through extensive engagement with local authorities and communities to ensure the local communities directly derive maximum benefit.

The large and complex stakeholder base that characterises the Makhado Project led to the establishment of an engagement structure to ensure that the stakeholder engagement process includes stakeholders from traditional leaders and communities, increases awareness of the project, empowers our communities to have access to relevant and material information, enabling participation in decision making processes.

Together with provincial, regional and local government structures, we have established various forums through which MCM engages.


The MCM Bursary Fund was launched in July 2009 by His Majesty King Toni Thovhele Mphephu Ramabulana to help address the shortage of technical skills particularly in the Vhembe region in Venda and in the broader Limpopo Province. This bursary scheme, for the development of young, high-potential historically disadvantaged South African (HDSA) students, not only ensures that MCM has a pool of skilled resources for its own operations, but also contributes towards addressing the skills shortage in the country in general. Since inception, MCM has spent over R10 million educating 44 students at various tertiary institutions around South Africa in, among other disciplines, mining, metallurgical and chemical engineering, geology, accounting and environmental science.

“MCM paid for everything. My tuition, my books, my accommodation, everything. I had absolutely nothing to worry about. I simply had to study,” shared Khodani Luvhengo, now working as a mine accountant for MCM.

After a vigorous, and often emotional, process, where potential candidates showed their determination and commitment to study further, MCM awarded 11 bursaries to learners from the Makhado Project area in January 2016.

MCM is proud to be helping to grow our host communities through the Makhado Bursary Fund.

The initial MCM bursary students at the launch in 2009

Two of our current bursary students

Tshilidzi Mudimeli

He is studying for a Bachelor of Environmental Sciences degree and hopes to protect the quality of the natural environment through behavioural changes.

Mukondeleli Mukhwevho

She is studying for a degree in Public Management and Governance at the University of Johannesburg.