With legislative compliance the non-negotiable minimum, MCM's sustainable development policy is based on the additional non-negotiables of ecological conscientious, business development, ingrained safety and health work ethics and practices, socio-economic advancement, and profitable gains for our shareholders.

Our model of sustainable development seeks to achieve congruence between operational efficiency that improves financial performance, safe and healthy working environments, positive societal growth through improved skills development and economic opportunities, respectful use of resources, mitigation of environmental impacts, and preservation of our ecological and heritage wealth.

With a burgeoning population comes increased demands on the delivery of products and services to meet the requirements of a larger population with Introduction amplified needs. MCM acknowledges that the only way to contribute, as a company, to the growing demand for resources and services is to ensure that sustainability is instilled across all levels of our business from project development through to closure and rehabilitation. We acknowledge the responsibility we have to ourselves, thereby setting an example to those who follow, to conduct our business with integrity that can only be achieved through an all-encompassing approach that addresses each element of the triple-bottom line equally.

MCM's sustainable development objective – to grow and develop our business beyond compliance – is entrenched as the guiding principle on which we develop our different business models. These business models ultimately deliver on our vision of sustainable development that benefits our people, our planet and our shareholders while building a legacy that will continue to evolve and grow positively.